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  • Volumetric LED letters

  • Contour letters

  • Pseudo-volumetric letters

  • light boxes

  • signboards

  • panel bracket

  • Information stands

  • interior advertising

  • Departure for measurements

Visualization  in trading  centers




points of sale

Volumetric letters , design

  • peretyagi

  • Shields 3x6

  • city format

  • Supersite

  • Pillars

  • Firewalls

The urban jungle needs to be upgraded  outdoor  advertising.

Manufacturing features


Advertising placed  on the streets of the city, has many types, each has its own advantages. The company "April" offers the production of any outdoor advertising products, and this is not only a wide format, but also such types of work as:


  • LED lights  used to give the facade a special look. Since the facade of an office building is a kind of business card of the company, it should look attractive, attracting the attention of potential customers. You can order lighting design of the building in our company

  • Roof   - the most winning way to attract attention to your company. Thanks to successful placement, such advertising is visible from everywhere, and if it is not only printing, but a design equipped with bright illumination, then its attractiveness to a wide audience of potential customers increases significantly. The manufacture of illuminated outdoor advertising placed on high-rise buildings requires a professional approach, since such an outdoor structure must be absolutely safe for others.

  • Stella  - outdoor advertising , different original design. The production of steles requires special equipment, since such a design has complex shapes and must be particularly durable. Most often, steles are placed near large shopping and entertainment centers, car dealerships, gas stations, etc.

  • Luminous  - is a lightbox of various shapes and sizes . The production of lightboxes does not take much time, and the outdoor advertising itself, the prices for which are posted on our website, is distinguished by an affordable price. These factors make lightboxes one of the most popular types of advertising products.

  • Neon lights  allows you to draw attention to advertising information, creating lighting around it that is clearly visible at any time of the day. Thanks to the use of flexible neon tubes, this  light  the design can take any form. The main advantage of neon lighting is low  prices, fast production and wide design possibilities.



Banner advertising (Brandmauer)

Mounting on a metal frame on the facade of the building

Installation work

High-altitude work, cleaning windows of office buildings, complex installations by professional climbers

Automotive advertising.

Vehicle design. Banners, awnings, stickers

facade advertising

LED letters, pseudo-volumetric, neon

Racks information

- direction indicator

- parking indicator

- location indicators

Price  with order quantity


1 piece - 2800 rubles.

5 pcs - 2600 rubles

10 pcs - 2400 rubles.

We ship to the regions, collapsible design


Price  manufacturing, with installation on a concrete base -  the lowest in the region

from 145000 rub.


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