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   Large-format printing is used for the manufacture of: large advertising posters, window dressing, images on the sides of the car and many other areas of advertising, both outdoor and indoor (interior).

Description of common types of media for solvent printing:


Frontlit banner is a versatile material for creating advertising posters.

Becklit or translucent banner - film and banner fabric for light boxes, bright in the light.

BlackOut is a special light-blocking banner for printing on both sides, it has high durability.

Building mesh - a wide range of applications: from the design of building facades to the creation of huge advertising images (firewalls).

Vinyl films - can be: matte, glossy, transparent, transport, with an easily removable adhesive layer, perforated.

Application: use in lighting structures, point of sale decoration, advertising on transport, interior decoration, etc.

Paper "Blueback" - with a blue backing, mainly used for printing advertising on billboards.


We also provide lamination services, which significantly increases the service life of products, especially under the condition of constant mechanical stress.


Additionally, post-print processing services are provided: installation of eyelets, production of “pockets”, gluing and welding of segments, reinforcing the banner edge, trimming along the contour, etc.)


Managers of our company will always help to offer the best way of large-format printing and the material of manufacture for your purposes.


jet, interior


Широкоформатные интерьерные картины, фотообои


Обработка изображения в графических программах

АРТ графика

Печать на пленке, нанесение и оформление павильона


Печать панорамных фотографий

Интерьерная печать

Интерьерные пано

Печать картин

Оформление галерей. Интерьеров.Офисов


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