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Ventilated facade

A hinged ventilated facade is a system consisting of facing materials that are attached to a galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum frame to the bearing layer of the wall or to a monolithic ceiling. Air circulates freely through the gap between the cladding and the wall, which removes condensate and moisture from the structures.

Finishing options:


  •   Ventilated porcelain stoneware facade;

  •   Ventilated facade made of fiber cement boards;

  •   Ventilated facade made of composite panels;

  •   Ventilated facades from STEMALITA;

  •   Ventilated facades made of clinker tiles;

  •   Ventilated facade made of 3D panels.

Wet facade

The “wet facade” system is a popular technology for arranging and insulating facade walls.

It is used in private and high-rise housing construction, in the construction of new and reconstruction of old buildings.

Its main advantages are installation speed, good thermal insulation properties and strength characteristics.

The thickness of the insulation is from 30 to 200 mm. The finishing layer is decorative plaster. The color of the walls is tinted according to the customer's project.



Please provide order details. Our manager will calculate the order and offer the best option, in terms of terms and payment

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Depending on the object, we will select for you a technology that meets the requirements of design, architecture and customer preferences.
Production of installation works from 1000 m2

We accept orders for design projects of architectural facade solutions


You can call and we will make a free trip around the Samara region for measurement, photography. We will make a preliminary visualization of the facade of the building, from the color scheme for ventilated facade materials, to the design of a sign or the entrance group of a shopping center.


You can call to place an order  by phone: +7 927 268 9002

System "Ventilated facade"

Porcelain stoneware, Fiber cement boards,  composite panels,  Stemalit, Clinker tiles,  3D panels

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