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Souvenirs with a logo


  • in trotters,  Jackets Sweatshirts  Scarves

  • Caps and baseball caps

  • vests,  office shirts

  • Jumpers,  Sportswear

  • Baby clothes






  • Original  diaries

  • Notepads

  • Packaging for diaries

  • Diaries to order


  • business sets

  • Elite sets

  • Wine sets

  • Chocolate with logo



  • Wallets.  Covers

  • business card holders,  organizers

  • Clips for banknotes

  • Folders, briefcases



  • mugs,  Thermoglasses

  • Cookware sets



  • A table clock

  • Wall Clock

  • Weather stations, VIP watches

  • Wrist Watch


Поставка специальной одежды для магазинов и производства с нанесением фирменного логотипа компании. Вышивка и шевроны

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Шоколад с логотипом
Шоколад с логотипом

Классический рекламная плитка шоколада весом 5 грамм квадратной формы. На выбор 3 вида шоколада и два цвета фольги.

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Поставка бейсболок с логотипом

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Мужские футболки с логотипом

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Skull Dice
Skull Dice

Светящиеся Игральные кубики 900 руб.(пара)

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Tron Dice
Tron Dice

Металлические игральные кубики набор 2900 руб

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Светящиеся Игральные кубики 900 руб.(пара)

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Drawing a logo on souvenir products


      Applying a company logo or advertising message turns simple items into effective promotional tools. Business gifts and promotions provide a personal touch to your customer and are more cost effective than other ways to promote products and services.


You can order from us  business gifts with your company logo. We carry out all modern types of application of corporate identity elements and advertising messages on all types of promotional products - from pens and T-shirts to expensive status gifts.

In order for the gift to work effectively for the promotion of the company, you need to choose the right application - it can be not only a logo, but also an advertising message that is understandable to the consumer. And most importantly, it must be of high quality.

  • silkscreen

  • Flex

  • Embroidery

  • pad printing

  • UV printing

  • Overglaze decal

  • Laser engraving

  • Embossing

  • Sublimation on mugs

  • 3D sticker

  • Digital printing

  • Direct printing on fabric of advertising messages for all types of promotional products - from pens and T-shirts to expensive status gifts

     Silkscreen (screen printing)
is the most popular and versatile technology for applying images to business gifts and promotional products. With this method, a logo or other advertising message can be applied to almost any material - cotton, nylon, polyester, plastic, glass, artificial leather, wood and paper.
Silk-screen printing is used to print on almost all types of promotional products from T-shirts, windbreakers, umbrellas and bags to key chains, lighters and cardboard packaging.
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