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  • Naming - the process of developing a name, name (name) of a trademark, brand, product line, or even a specific product

  • Logo -  a good, stylish logo immediately shows the level of the brand, its market potential. Some classic logos of world famous brands are known to almost every inhabitant of our planet, even to small children. A logo that combines type and artistic graphics is a work of commercial art, and other logos are worthy to coexist in museums next to the masterpieces of great artists.

  • Corporate identity -  The company is a team of like-minded people, a single whole, people striving for a common goal. A brand is the common face of your team, recognizable by all market participants and consumers. The corporate identity forms the invariable features of this face, thanks to which you will be recognized. The visual constants based on the previously developed logo - corporate colors, fonts, ornaments, other graphic elements - determine both your business documentation (letterheads, business cards, folders, etc.), branded souvenirs, product packaging, and office interior, and in general, everything related to your company and its business processes.

  • Branding -  The process of creating a trademark or brand is called branding. What is a brand for? In order for the consumer to navigate in a continuous stream of commercial offers, it is easy to find what he needs. A brand is not just a brand name and its graphic symbol, a logo. A brand is a multifaceted artistic image that evokes certain associations with the consumer, entering into emotional communication with him. Each brand has its own character, its own style of communication, its own unique, inimitable features by which the consumer unmistakably recognizes it and distinguishes it from the crowd of competitors. We will help you create such a brand that the consumer will turn to you, and not to your competitors.

  • Website development -  Without a website, no business is now possible, even a business that is not related to information technology. Of course, sites can perform different functions. Some sites are business (at least, most of it), others solve auxiliary tasks (image, representation). April company develops websites of any kind. Moreover, we ourselves are ready to offer you a solution that is optimal for your business model and market situation. 

          We are developing a design direction to create new souvenir products of the gaming genre. Each of these projects has its own meaning and designer's idea. Key ideas from famous computer games and famous movies. In each project, new design techniques were used, 3D visualization. All developments have been brought to finished samples and launched into series. We chose the famous platform as the main portal for promotion.  Follow the links to see works, forums and how we communicate with clients and customers  from all over the world.  

You can order your  individual project in our Design Studio. 

Write to  and we will offer you to implement the project in different ways and ways, but most importantly, we will succeed together with you in the implementation of project promotion.

Gods of Egypt playing cards
Боги Египта игральные карты
Боги Египта игральные карты

Nations Playing cards inspired by the history and heroes of the 4 human races. Graphic manual labor of the artist and printed at USPCC

Skull Dice

Skull Dice Muertos is a project about Dice in the original design and of different materials

Era-50 Years of Art by Oleg Shapkin

200 pages fully illustrated life moments in 50 years. sketches, drawing, comix, art poured into 2 books

Оригиналы картин 3
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