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  • T-shirt packages (PND)

  • Bags with die-cut handle

  • Packaging bags

  • Silk screen packages

  • Vacuum bags

  • Shrink vacuum bags

  • Paper and carton packaging

  • Paper bags

  • Fast food packaging

  • parchment paper

  • Cardboard boxes

  • Labels

The most common package is considered to be a "T-shirt" type package (or T-shirt, PND) .


It can be found in retail chains, any clothing stores, toys, foodstuffs, pharmacies, these packages are used for food delivery.

T-shirt bags with a logo perform not only the function of packaging, but at the same time serve as a bright advertisement. It is possible to put an image on such packages up to 4 colors (this can be not only a company logo, but also information about the product or service offered, contact numbers, address, etc.).

Their undeniable advantage is practicality and spaciousness. Also, despite the cheapness of the material (HDPE low-pressure polyethylene ), the bags can withstand a large load (from 5 to 20 kg).

Die-cut handle bags are made from both high-density polyethylene (LDPE) and mixed material - medium-density polyethylene (PSD). Such bags can have a bottom fold and a reinforced handle (an additional layer of polyethylene is welded to the handle - a rayter).  A reinforced handle, especially for larger bags, is a must so that the bag can withstand more weight and be less deformed during use.

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