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Строительство бассейнов Cтроительство, ремонт и обслуживание бассейнов

Автоматические системы туманообразов

Website development, website promotion, web design technologies, optimal models and opportunities. The process of creating and filling web pages

An example of good design  site :


- The design of a good site includes an idea,  whose main task is to show that the idea everything is just like that. Such an idea differs from a creative design idea in one thing - it exists regardless of the effect it produces.


-  The development of a good site is the most important thing that is required is to design the interface of the Internet resource so that the content on it is arranged according to rules that are obvious to any person, while taking into account the visibility and memorability of information necessary for the customer.


- The hallmark of a good web designer and web designer is the ability to do something beyond what is necessary. And competently doing this most beyond what is necessary is the sign of good web design.

I Wear Red


fashion boutique

youth clothing

Aden Tour


Shop of interesting tours

Market of Heroes


Shop Souvenirs


Website for food processing equipment

April Global Store


Game souvenir shop

 WEB - Design  is a website production process that includes technical development, information structuring, visual (graphic) design and web delivery.


We create websites, prepare the infrastructure for them, define the mood and set the understanding.


We are ready to create for you one of the tools for running your business - a website or an online store. To do this, you need to decide on your desires and come to us. We will embody all ideas in the Internet portal, without which in the modern world there is simply no way to conduct a normal and full-fledged business, and we will program complex applications and animation.

"Business card website" of the company (according to templates) ,  consists of a minimum set of 5-10 pages  page,  describing the activities of your company and will cost you $200-300.

(According to the provided templates of our company).


2. "Business card website"  custom design companies  consists of a minimum set of 5-10 pages  pages describing the activities of your company and will cost you 300-500  $  . (According to the provided 3 design options by our developers  ).


3. An average working site with pop-up menus, feedback forms, an established structure and a complete description of the company's work will cost more, from $ 700-1500. 

4. Everything you want more, an online store , promotion, complex feedback forms, auto redial, in general, a fully functional advanced website
  -  from 1500 $


The cost of all the above services for creating a site includes entering your site into the databases of Yandex search engines and  Google.


5. Optional "Package  website promotion" costs from 200-1000 $


Make a brief description of your business and we will make the best offer for you!

Fine! The message is received.

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